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1. Expert Zoom Meetings

A Committed Pathway

A limited group will be encouraged to participate with a bi-monthly elite clinic to enhance and pave the pathway toward elite level advancement.

2. Private Mentoring

Zoom with an Elite Athlete

In an effort to put athletes on a common pathway to diving excellence, Tiered athletes will be available for helping athletes to negotiate the complicated balance of school, athletics and life.

3. Private Mentoring

Zoom with an Olympian

Real Experience can not be matched.

4. Clinics

Expert Divers Help on Deck/Dryland

An additional view to recurrent technique issues is always 

an eye opener.

5. International Meets

Regularly Scheduled Optional Meets

The only way to really outline where you are and where you're going is to join in on the international diving scene, where you will experience the long-term goal, and, make friends for life.


All events are. voluntary, and some will have added costs, while other events will be included with the level that your athlete is signed up for.