1. Self-Talk

Positive Can-Do This

Verbal or Silent Positive Message will improve performance in practice and in competition, in all areas of life.

2. Mental Imagery

Completing a Dive Successfully

A view of a successful Dive, or a self-image of a successful Dive can set the stage for performing that action well.

3. Energy Manage

Keeping your Mind/Body Optimal

A positive attitude, not over/under-activated, in tandem with a body ready to perform (warmed up/fed-but not over-worked/tired) allows for success path.

4. Cognitive Restructure

Reviewing an action

Focus Learning. Listening to a correction and acting on it.  Mental Review of a specific positive action to repeat, and modifying an action that did not work well is the goal.

5. Self-Monitor

Awareness of Attitude, Body/Adjust

Keeping track of surroundings, people, body condition, and general preparation allows for best possible outcome. Playing, talking about movies, eating, arguing, takes away from focus needed.

FEAR - Is the greatest obstacle to overcome in life.  Diving provides a consistent re-enforcement of positive ways to face and manage not only fear of heights, bodily injury, failure, etc., but also translates directly into to better self-confidence, self-image, time-management, academics, social interaction, and quality of life.


Valley Dive

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