Hand Reaching Out

CAUSE: As with all repetitive Sports Activities, Diving Training includes Armstands, Conditioning, and Hands-First Entries into the water, which may cause discomfort or injury, if not performed correctly.

COMON WRIST INJURIES: Sprain, Thumb, Tendon/Ligaments, Fracture

PREVENT- Proper Technique is our focus, helping to reduce injury.  Our coaches are trained to introduce technique that will minimize exposure to injury. Athletes all learn at different speeds, and are subject to regression, which may heighten potential for pain or injury.  When in pain, the general rule is to tell your coaches, and we will assess the cause, determine with the athlete iif he/she should proceed with practice, and if continuing, have athlete restrict activities for that practice to minimize any pain.  


TREAT- Please address any recurrent pain, discomfort or movement restriction directly to coaches for activity limits and then physician for evaluation at earliest possible time.   If indicated, please do not hesitate to utilize recommended procedures, including wrist guards.  While we can not recommend a specific brand, we do have athletes that have had success with DONJOY brand of wrist guards, available online.



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