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Non-Member POOL FEES - Free Introductory Lessons - Scholarships Available
Simi & Sherman Oaks Pools
$45 per Lesson (Member $30)
$75 per Semi-Private (Member $45)

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You must first Register for your Athlete to participate in Park, Gym, or Pool Classes, Access to Calendar after Registration.  Simply open Calendar and add to your Google Calendar. 


Train, compete, advance



Learn 2 Dive
Beginner Groups

Ages: 6-12

Learn the Basics First, and Have Fun with Rolls, Jumps, and Adventure

Simi Valley, Sherman Oaks, Jam Gym

As per Calendar

up to 2 workouts per week

$225 per month

up to 4 workouts per week

$345 per month

No Make Up Days



Intermediate (Compete)
2 Groups based on Age

Ages: 6-12 and 11-18

Meets: Local, Regional, National

Intermediate Club Diving, Focus on Technique and Competitive Diving

Simi Valley, Sherman Oaks, Matrix Gym

Choose the schedule that best suits your needs.  We require each diver to train in the water as well as Matrix Gym.  

$250 per month   2 Water/1Gym Weekly

$375 per month   3 Water/1Gym Weekly

$450 per month   3 Water/1Gym Weekly

$565 per month   6Water/1Gym Weekly

No Make Up Days




Elite Group (Compete)

By Invitation Only

Meets: Local, Regional, National

Elite Club Diving, Focus on Technique and Competitive Diving

Simi Valley, Sherman Oaks, Jam Gym

As per Calendar

up to 7 workouts per week

2 Semi-Private Lessons per week. 

$850 per month

Fast-track to National Ranking

International Meets Available

National Exposure to Select Coaches

College Placement



Once your family makes a decision to focus on one sport for goal setting, personal improvement, local competitions, High School participation, University Admittance, or National Competitions, you will move into a 3, 4, 5, or 6 day per week schedule for diving, which requires gym days in the Valley Dive Program.

This Club commitment is a goal oriented program, and both short-term, as well as long-term goal planning will be structured for each athlete, re-assessed on a yearly basis.

The Club committment is various stages of development which comprise physical maturity, mental maturity, Chronological maturity, and cognitive maturity.  Our program stresses our Athletes to strive and become smart divers, meaning, the diver is not just "learning" a set of tricks, but understands the big picture of the sport, and their role as good people in the sport.

How does Valley Dive promote quality and achievement in Diving?

Diving is a long road, and Athletes will experience ups and downs and many challenges along the way,  as is normal with any sport or activity. This program stresses community diving integration, goal setting, and mental toughness, which translates into better performances, both in the pool, and out of the pool.  Because Diving is 80% mental preparedness, early adoption of healthy approaches to overcoming fear, physical work, and diving with a positive purpose not only empowers athletes, but prepares them for positive and negative outcomes in life.


As a general rule: Athletes cannot Advance & we will not let you Compete Until Basics are VERY Good!

Each coach has specific talents in specific areas.  Do not be surprised if a Coach gives a correction, or asks an Athlete to try something a little different, or asks to go back to a basic technique that is affecting a dive.

All divers, even the very best, sometimes regress, or alter their technique to compensate for difficult days, illness, injury, weather, resumption after a vacation, etc.


Thus, we often must go back to basics to re-enforce athlete technique.


Our coaches rotate (meaning your child will experience different coaches at practice), and we expect benefit from exposure to different explanations to the Athlete on how to correct different aspects of dives. This approach will strengthen an Athlete's overall diving, and provide a more solid groundwork for advancement.  

While it is perfectly normal to bond with a specific coach (especially at an early age), our system provides a good relationship with all athletes and coaches, and will reduce perceptions of jealously, special treatment, politics, frustration, favoritism, which helps to keep a program fresh, rather than a repetitive, myopic, "star" or "donor" or "child of coach"  that inevitably breeds an unhealthy environment for all.  It is necessary, and advantageous, for divers to move to different coaches at different times, for specific tasks, with a goal to improve technique, performance, mental toughness, and growth in the sport.  HOWEVER,  It can become problematic for the coach/athlete relationship to build dependency; chronic habits, inflexibility, emotional bonds, (leading to reduced social interaction), as sometimes occurs with isolated coach to athlete programs.  

Diving is a social sport, and a happy sport. Your Athletes deserve to rely on their peers, and the broader diving family, as they progress through the long-term path of Diving. This is important. 

*Club Restrictions - Your Club and your Team are organized by people, with experience, who are giving back to this living, niche sport in order to provide the next generation a healthy environment.  The nature of the sport includes limited availability to pools, visible cost structures, time commitment by athletes, families and coaches, and a view of commitment with long-term results.  Valleydive is committed to offering a positive experience for the athletes, along with a reasonable sport for the athletes to be a member of.  If your family is stressed by the time and monetary commitment, we propose that your family either apply for scholarship assistance and/or participate in our various fundraising programs to help ease the cost burden.  In relationship to time commitment, athletes need to participate fully in diving workouts.  Without continuity of practice, difficulties may arise in relationships in the diving community, performance, and attitude.  Choose a level you are comfortable with, and participate accordingly.

If you stay in any sports program, you will witness families that jump from one club to another.  This is usually not advantageous.  Always best to speak to the coach.

Valleydive offers a fixed program, with a mix & match system to allow easier scheduling of workouts for your family.  We are the ONLY program that caters to the athletes schedule in California, by offering multiple workout options.  At the Level you choose to participate, there are a weekly number of workouts allowed, with the option to occasionally increase those workouts by paying an additional fee per added workout.  However, there are no make-ups, opt-in/opt-out months, monthly level changes, carry-overs, make-ups, or refunds, coach shopping. 

National team - Elite Diving

As athletes progress, occasionally we will invite an athlete move to our elite program.  This program is focused on fast track to National team and International competitions.  

This is an invitation program only, and we maintain very few numbers at this level(3-6), with private lessons usually limited to 2 per athletes per work-out.  The Club workouts will be augmented with private training, specialized programming, guest lectures, excursions to specific coaches in the United States, for specific technique workshop, personal oversight by national team leaders. Additional costs may be incurred, due to additional training/meets that are opt-in.  Results are fast-track for National position, National Team.  Clinics, Elite Coach Critique, Mentors, Custom Training & International meets will be offered annually.

COACH MEET or CLINIC FEES,  per child, per day

                            Local             National       International

3 Athletes         $  75              +30              +60

4-5 Athletes      $  60              +30              +60

6-7 Athletes      $  50             +30               +60

8+ Athletes       $  45             +30               +60

Coach Fees (above) exclude Coach Travel Hotel/Airfare,Incidentals Split Among Participants

Total per athlete attending will be added and billed as one amount prior to meet.


Meet Registration, Dive Meet Fees, Meet Entries and all Incidental expenses are sole

responsibility of Athlete families.  Sign-up early, when possible.  Late fees may apply.

Please ask if you have questions.

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