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Medical Policy

Covid-19 Policy

Valley Dive is a Private Dive Club, and as such, is organized under the umbrella of a non-profit organization    

All participants in the Valley Dive Club are required to carry their own Health/Accident Insurance.  In addition, once an athlete has decided to join the Valley Dive Club (monthly membership & yearly fee), that athlete will be enrolled in AAU, and/or USA Diving, as a membership feature, providing adequate auxiliary insurance coverage, should an accident occur.  In addition, each pool is required, by state law, to carry additional insurance.  While we avoid accidents, and work very hard to minimize risk for problems to occur at the pool.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, special rules and policies have been put in place, and, each pool or place of practice will have additional safeguards and rules to help prevent the transfer of a debilitating disease.

1. Practice distance guidelines while in public.

2. Temperature Check upon arrival to each practice.

3. Use masks when arriving and departing practice.

4. No contact with other individuals at practice.

5. Use Hand Sanitizer again, once practice has concluded.

6. Report any fever or discomfort to Coach or Parent as soon as possible.

7. Report any illness at home, and get a Covid-19 test if recommended.

8. Eat Healthy foods.

9. Get your rest.

Valley Dive Medical Policy

Valley Dive, a Private Dive Club, teaches beginning and intermediate diving, with a specific mission statement, as defined by Valley Dive Club and

All Divers, Families, Participants agree that 

1. Individuals/Families will maintain their own individual/family Health Current Health Insurance. 

2. No Health Insurance is provided by Valley Dive.

3. There is risk involved with diving, and all sport activity.  Any/all risk of sport participation is wholly assumed by Individual Divers, Participants, and/or their Families (if participant is a minor).

4. Valley Dive makes no express, nor implied warranty of performance, nor any guarantee of safety, for class participation, with the understanding that Valley Dive will strive to maintain as healthy sport environment as is possible, given the nature of 3rd party locations for .

5. All Divers, Families, Participants understand and agree that any/all Liability for any occurrence of discomfort, pain, injury, bodily harm, or perceived injury shall be first addressed to the Primary Health Provider for that Individual/Family.

6. All Divers, Families, Participants understand and agree that any/all Liability for any occurrence of discomfort, pain, injury, bodily harm, or perceived injury shall be secondly addressed, if need be, to the Health Provider or it's assignee, as provided by the facility and/or membership organization that that participant has elected to be a current member of.

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Help Support our mission of motivating at-risk children to become involved in sports where all donations are steered to Athletic Scholarships/Grants, Athlete Outreach, Upkeep of facilities/equipment and staff.

Training locations


Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks

Jump Gym Dryland

El Monte Pool/Arrow


Exit Sunset Blvd East off the 405. Take a right on Bellagio Blvd. Take a left at the second stop sign and a right at the next stop sign into Sunset Canyon Recreation Center.

Echo Park Pool

Glassel Park Pool

Cleveland Pool Reseda

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