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Elite Training & Home School Programs

 A Positive Road to Excellence

Every child has a sport or activity that will fit their personality, and help them build esteem and confidence. The trick, for a parent, is to expose and encourage athletics, (at the right time in each child's development), which, if successful, will lead to a positive athletic experience for life.


















Diving is a very unique sport.

An athlete must overcome fear on every attempt. Therefore, a very interesting and select group tends to migrate to this sport.  Some common traits Diving improves are:

  • Ability to Focus

  • Taking Corrections

  • Taking Risk

  • Performing

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Smarter Operator

  • Social Group Interaction

  • Self-Image & Self-Confidence


Most importantly, Diving is a long-term commitment, where an athlete will see year over year improvement, and set the stage for University Athletics, if that becomes their goal. University participation in sport is a major achievement in today's competitive environment, and yet, we find that almost every athlete, who sticks with diving and it's demands, will find a program at the college level that meets their needs (with Diving most always helping in the admissions process).

Specifically, because FEAR is the #1 obstacle to improvement in Diving, our Club uses specific techniques in working with athletes to better handle fear through simple tools such as positive reinforcement, concentration, humor, commonality, problem solving, repetition, approach.  In addition, we teach well know tools to athletes to help them better function and control their fear. (see fear section).

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Your Best

Work Hard & stay focused


that require no talent, but win in Life!

#1. Being on Time

#2. Work Ethic

#3. Effort

#4. Positive Body Language

#5. Energy

#6. Attitude

#7. Passion

#8. Wanting to Be Coached

#9. Doing Extra

#10. Being prepared

#11. (bonus) Setting Goals




...time is fleeting

It Takes 10,000 Hours to Become

PROFICIENT at any activity.

In Diving, it takes about 50,000 Dives


 2 Hours (1 Day Week,40 dives)  = A HOBBY

4-6 Hours  (2 Days Week)  =          Maintenance

5-9 Hours (3 Days Week)  =           High School

8-12 Hours (4 Days Week)  =         Club Track*

12-20 Hours (5-6 Days Week) =     Elite Track*

*Both Club and Elite Track are Competition Tracks, leading to College Sports

Sooooo..... It ain't 1918

Ah! Those easy days going out for a sport in primary (elementary school), Middle School (Junior High School), or Upper School (High School), working hard for a few weeks at an activity, competing, and then moving on to the next seasonal sport or activity.

Ya, that was great.  A few schools still retain that care-free, well rounded approach, and that's really super nice of them.  


HOWEVER...  It isn't even 2000!

No, no no.  These days, every able bodied kid needs to position themselves to be a competitive candidate for High School/College in their chosen activity, (and that is the goal here at Valley Dive). The activity can be a sport, an instrument, an interest, volunteering, or anything that requires time investment, and interest (and a road to differentiate the student, while learning valuable skills and/or lessons).  In common speak, the sooner you begin this quest, the better your result (is the general rule here, demonstrating proficiency).  We begin training athletes at age 6 (in an age appropriate manner).  If you (athlete or parent) are putting off an a time investment in an activity, or academic  commitment to conserve time or money, and you imagine that you might just start up sometime in high school, with a goal of a H.S. Team, or to help with a university entrance, or even a scholarship, rest assured, it is a very competitive animal, and the sooner your student gets in the groove with an activity or sport ANY ACTIVITY), the better their chances to achieve the goal in mind.  For instance, a difficult road would be to decide, as a Junior in High School, that a student needs an activity, and he/she decides to join the, let's say, the basketball team, and wants to try out.  


Without Club participation The REALITY of trying out for a sport as a Junior in High School...

  • 1. Coach not so interested in time investment (98% of time)

  • 2. NO TIME to develop basic skills, sorry.

  • 3. NO TIME to understand the sport, sorry.

  • 4. NO TIME to join the sport community, sorry.

  • 5. NO RESPECT from athletes who have 2-6 years invested.

  • 5. Nearly Impossible to find Pathway to HS/College Sport




Does Valley Dive promote 20 hours commitment?

Interesting question...

A: Each family must choose the commitment level, which decides hour commitment

Wholly depends upon what age an athlete wants to become an Athlete.

We design a program around age appropriate commitment, ability,

Physical aptitude, and desire, which change as Athlete matures.


Will it be inexpensive?

Nope, most Club Sports and Activities require the outlay.  Diving is in the middle of Sport Club cost, with diving most Athletes that train 4-6 days per week, begin competing nationally within 3 years of starting Diving, and have an easy pathway to University sports.

Monthly Cost about $200 Beginner, $300 mo. middle, $400+ mo. Elite, depending upon frequency, (competitions add to the cost).  Generally, the better they do, the more you pay.

Can you find it cheaper?

Yes, indeed!  A diving parent (some years ago), started a club for her kids, and paid for the pool time with a couple of other kids fees.  Great idea?  

Result: Dismal.  Don't Coach your kids.  Seriously, there are a few programs out there, and pricing at Valley Dive is very reasonable for the personal attention that Athletes receive.  Valley Dive also prepares Athletes for transfer to some of the top Diving programs at UCLA and USC and Mission Viejo, when their basics have been completed, and if the Athlete is able/ready to make the next athletic jump (time commitment, monetary commitment, added driving, and many extra hours required.  In short, there are no bargains in Sports, however, cost is relative to the goals in mind.

"But... what is the BEST program?,  you know, so they will be the best, because I want value for my money, and I want my kids to be the best!"

There is no "Best".  As there are different Athletes, Parents, Coaches, so there are also different programs.  Diving is a long-term sport, not a weekend fling.  If a child stays with diving, they will have friends for life, and enjoy a very good group of University Athletes. When beginning any activity or sport, find a group and a coach that is comfortable & interested in your child.  Anyone promoting their club as the "best" should be scrutinized carefully as each program has its pros and cons, for a unique fit for your family situation.  Egos aside, endless training (work), will not fix an athlete that has underlying technique issues, fear or performance issues (often a problem is acerbated or locked in place by a bad coach or team).  Ideally, find a program that will focus on the holistic development of your athlete. 

Keep in mind, Being Very Good at one thing is important for self-definition, progression, and self-worth, AND

Being OK at many things is super-nice (at under 10 years age) but mostly a distraction and  irrelevant in today's University Acceptance pathway.


          Caveat: Alternative Learning or Special Learning Universities like:

          Ananda College of Living Wisdom, located in Laurelwood, Oregon.

          Antioch College, located in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

          Bard College, located in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.

          Berea College, located in Berea, Kentucky

          Bennington College, located in Bennington, Vermont.

          California Institute of Integral Studies, located in San Francisco, CA.

          (no diving (or competitive sports) at these schools - sorry!


So, dear friends, not to be a rock in your boot, but notice has been made.  It is a different world, and planning must be addressed far earlier, than ever before.  Whatever your predilection, get on it...Now.  Have the conversations, and enjoy the journey, (and sure, surprises will occur).  



Valley Dive is also promotes a community outreach and other funds, with a specific mission of diverting and offering at-risk, and minority youth, a life-building, positive athletic participation alternative.  A secondary mission of elite sports development and competitive excellence.  As part of our multi-sport mission, scholarship and grants are made available to youth that have income challenges, meeting criteria for assistance.


Valley Dive Philosophy is to introduce Diving to athletes in the greater San Fernando Valley area, stretching out to Ventura County, (as well as other targeted communities within the Los Angeles area), as a long-term goal for fitness and health and a window to high school participation and university scholarships, depending on family goals. We teach with a positive reinforcement technique that works.  While not every child will become an Olympic diver, what a Diving commitment, specifically, can promise over time, is improved:

  • Academic Performance

  • Time Management Skills

  • Attention and Listening

  • Body Fitness, Flexibility, Strength

  • Goal Identification & Goal Setting

  • Performance Skills

  • Open Doors for University Entrance

  • Social Interaction

Training locations

Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks

Mission Viejo


Rose Bowl - pasadena

Rancho Simi Valley

JAM Gym Dryland

Help Support our mission of motivating at-risk children to become involved in sports where all donations are steered to Athletic Scholarships/Grants, Athlete Outreach, Upkeep of facilities/equipment and staff.


Valley Dive

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