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In accordance with our Mission to Serve Athletes and their families, who may not

be able to financially participate in the sport of diving, Valley Dive offers qualified

athletes financial assistance, (up to 100% of costs), depending upon family

participation and athlete goals.

After submission of an application ( "Apply" below), the Athlete will be evaluated, and each applicant family will be assessed for assistance, based on need and commitment.

Approved family scholarship awards will be awarded, and re-assessed in 6-month increments.  Should existing financial situations change during the award period, an emergency "Status Change" application may be made to either increase or decrease award amount.

Valley Dive is specifically organized to outreach to minority and dis-advantaged communities in outlying areas of Los Angeles County, who are encouraged to participate in Diving, and apply for financial assistance, as needed. 


Valley Dive makes every effort to assist, where there is potential to improve, and fill a gap for children that need assistance to reach athletic goals.  To that end, our beginning lessons are free, as an introduction tool to the sport.  Our Club, High School, and Elite Programs are also available for scholarship consideration, but only as determined by parent volunteer participation, family commitment, and athlete commitment.  We will strive to make a dedicated athlete reach their potential through scholarship assistance, which may take a variety of forms. However, for those parents looking for a free activity for their children, this program cannot accommodate that goal at this time.

Status Change
Passionate About Inspiring Others

A program that stresses positive development in body, mind and purpose provides excellent advancement for the athlete, as a whole person.  

A Childs Diving results come back to one common denominator in sports;  Basics.  We teach basics first and will permit advancement as athlete develops quality skills.  

Passionate About Home School 

We support Home School Schedules, and provide scholarships to Home Schooled Athletes, meeting minimum qualifications.

  • USA Diving Coach

  • USA Diving FINA Judge

  • AAU Coach

  • USA High School Coach (Harvard Westlake)

  • Safe Sport, Red Cross Training

  • Staff includes Olympic, World, National Titles

  • 30 years experience

  • Expert Clinics

  • Coach w/Positive Re-inforcement

  • Access to AAU and USAD Meets and Equipment

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