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Mission Statement

We aim to empower the athlete to confidence, to ownership, and to community. Coach, Parent, Peer interaction is specifically organized to drive athlete empowerment as a primary support mechanism.

The Valley Dive Mission is to serve the extended San Fernando and Simi Valley (all the way to Oxnard) youth communities with gym, fitness and diving, age-appropriate options, with specific outreach to minority and disadvantaged youth, thus providing an athletic anchor that further encourages education and growth, both in and outside the sport of diving. 


Valley Dive provides a variety of introductory lessons for child fitness, as well as a stepping stone program to high school sports, regional competitions, national club participation and a university education, resulting in better discipline, time-management, athleticism, and a team environment (as athlete goals dictate). Valley Dive programs stress positive development in body, mind and purpose, and provide excellent advancement for the athlete, as a whole person. 

As a recognized 501.c.3, Valley Dive is permitted to accept donations, and donors are permitted to submit these donations when submitting their yearly Income Tax.  

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