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2021-2022 Fall/Winter/Spring

Check Calendar for New Schedule


Our Fall Schedule at Sherman Oaks Pool (VNSO) has now given us confirmed times, which begin next week.  Please refer to Calendar on this Website for appropriate classes for your Child.  

We are still working to integrate two gym classes per week, and will post confirmed times, as soon as possible.  Until then, we will continue with the Saturday gym time.

Thank you for your patience.   


Please refer to Calendar for all specific workouts, times and pricing.


Simi Pool has now confirmed Friday Evening 7-8:15, Sat/Sun 12-1:30pm

Sign-ups view Calendar and follow Reservation to confirm days.

SIMI Sign-up go to:

     1. Type in "diving"

     2. Register for each day you plan to attend.


VNSO Park Divenastics Jumpers for Beginners 4:30-5:30pm Mon/Wed beginning 23AUG.

El Monte continues Mon/Wed for scheduled classes, and Th Privates.

Jam Gym continues with a reduced schedule this fall.  we will begin

a 4-5pm Tu/Th class, Sa 1-2pm with pricing based on # of participants.

We HIGHLY recommend Gym class, as equally important to learning to dive properly.

Rose Bowl is sorting out its priorities for fall pricing, and we will return to Rose Bowl, as a once per week option, when scheduling permits.

Mission Viejo Continues Sundays - 8-10 am, beginning September.

Please be aware that we will strive to keep pricing reasonable, but will continue individual pricing for classes, based on  # of participants.

Until Sherman Oaks home pool resumes operation, Valley Dive will continue with a variety of posted options for its members.


Payment instructions may differ for each pool, based on facility preference. Best to reserve spots in advance.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions

We are working hard to provide continuing access to classes during these tricky times.  Please reserve your spot in advance, and note that a minimum number of athletes are required to run each class, and the sliding scale of fees reflect higher per class fees, with fewer participants.  

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