Two Meets in May - Let's Get Going


05 APR 2021

Spring Break about done now. So is our attempt at a Google universe of ease.  We have jettisoned a noble idea in favor of a practical solution.



1. Live Chat on Desktop/Mobile

    (quickly reach one of us with questions, unless in Class)

    Live Chat also offers a secure way to send specific info/docs to a Parent/Athlete

2. Group Text (for communication to Groups or within Groups)

3. Emails, should any documents need to be sent you. (less likely for us to respond quickly)


Calendar has been re-vamped and simplified, as we approach Pool Re-Openings.

One Calendar Resumes.


We have modified some practices, and combined others in an attempt to integrate upcoming pool re-openings.  Our 2-hour park has resumed for Black Club.  30 minute warm-up will continue prior to all pool practices, with actual pool work-out times listed on Calendar.

Our intent is to run larger practices with more coaches.  This means that younger Clubs (Blue-1-1.5 hour workouts and Green 1-1.25 hour workouts) will be dismissed earlier. This combined approach is also a preparation for Summer Double workouts, with 2 water practices availability will be goal.


At > File Share   View and download Documents that specify Exercise Regimen for our Athletes

Highly recommend, as we will add documents for Athletes and Parents here.

27 MAR 2021

SPRING BREAK!  Here at last.

We will have added weekend workouts for the next two weeks

As Covid continues to relax, we must continue to follow guidelines re: out of state travel.

These guidelines may change by the time your return, so please do research :& update as needed.



After You Travel Recommendations

  • Get tested 3-5 days after travel AND stay home and self-quarantine for 7 days after travel.

    • Even if you test negative, stay home and self-quarantine for the full 7 days.

    • If your test is positive, isolate yourself to protect others from getting infected.​​

  • ​If you don’t get tested, it’s safest to stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.​

  • Avoid being around people who are at increased risk for severe illness for 14 days, whether you get tested or not.

Always ​follow state and local recommendations or requirements related to travel.

From county of Los Angeles - Non-Essential Travel

No Mention of testing is included with this advisory

nor mention of previous exposure, etc.

  1. Los Angeles County residents should continue to avoid all non-essential travel and stay within 120 miles from their place of residence, unless they are traveling for essential purposes. Avoiding travel reduces the risk of virus transmission, including by reducing the risk that new sources of infection and, potentially, new virus strains that are now present in California. "Non-essential travel" includes travel that is considered tourism or recreational in nature. "Essential travel" is travel associated with the operation, maintenance, or usage of critical infrastructure or otherwise required or expressly authorized by law (including other applicable state and local public health directives), including work and study, critical infrastructure support, economic services and supply chains, health, immediate medical care, and safety and security.

  2. All non-essential travelers from other states or countries are strongly discouraged from entering the County of Los Angeles and need to self-quarantine as set forth in Paragraph 3.

  3. All persons arriving in or returning to the County of Los Angeles from other states or countries, must self-quarantine for 10 days after arrival, except as necessary to meet urgent critical healthcare staffing needs or to otherwise engage in emergency response. Additionally, this does not apply to individuals who routinely cross state or country borders solely for the purpose of essential travel.

Quarantine Requirements

If you do travel into Los Angeles County from outside of California, you need to self-quarantine for 10 days after you arrive and must limit your interactions to people in your household/people with whom you live. If you travel into Los Angeles County solely for essential work purposes, you need to still self-quarantine outside of your work for 10 days and ensure you do not mix with others outside of those necessary to conduct your essential work.

Please note that we continue to modify our schedule, based on anticipated demand, and facility availability.  Please be sure to follow our calendar online, and download the new google chat app for centralized alerts, schedule, and information.


26 MAR 2021

Our Calendar is now for viewing only and will be updated as we begin to add additional classes and pool workouts (no editing or reserving, editing, changes on Calendar moving forward).  We are now setting up our Google Workspace and Chat features, and we would like you all to send us your favored gmail account and download the google chat app to your mobile, as we integrate google chat, and various features into a more streamlined anc compatible system to communicate.  We anticipate many of the recent schedule changes will fit with our future pool workouts.  Please do keep an eye on schedule, as our plan is to increase frequency for park/gym workouts for each level in coming weeks.

As you know, we are constrained by the city of Los Angeles, and our aim is to have as many pools available, as practically possible, as soon as possible. We will keep you updated.


24 MAR 2021

The Regional Meet has been re-assigned to the weekend of the 14-16 at Mission Viejo Pool

This is a good thing, as much closer, and should not be too much of a conflict with school days.

Attention:  We will be moving over to a Google CHAT app for all Valley Dive text, chat,call interactions, allowing for easy group access, and sharing of documents, chat rooms, and individual workout/goals for each family.  This a superior solution, and will allow for easy access, and more immediate responses to club members, as we move towards Club Re-Establishment in May.  We will require all to confirm a gmail account for this purpose (or create one, if lacking). Download the app at your convenience, and as soon as we receive confirmation of the gmail you wish to use, we will begin sending out invitations.


There are no longer reservations required for attendance. 


As we adjust to new schedule (put in place for assumed pool re-openings), please be sure to attend as your schedule permits.  Our goal is to prepare Athletes (those ready) for the spring and summer meets season.  Let us know if you have questions. 


22 MAR 2021

Re: Practices. It is good to see Athletes working hard.  We understand how frustrating it has been, and how exciting it is to get back in pool.  Let me stress that basics are the most important single step in progression.  If your basics are faulty, your diving will follow.  Therefore, as frustrating as it may seem, when you are at a park, gym or pool practice and a Coach asks you to do something more simple, like a front jump  (which can sound a bit silly), please be sure that they are trying to correct a fault in your basics. The Coaches want you to look great on your dives, so the difficulty of the Dives, while exciting, will never replace an easier dive done well.  EXAMPLE: The Women's platform event at NCAA was just won by Tarrin Gilliland, performing a 301b from 10m.  She got 8's and won the event by 7 points.

As we wind down the month of March, convoluted progress continues on the Calendar, or shall I say I was a bit optimistic on what a google calendar can and can not do.  Suffice, all emails have been stripped out, and you will not receive notices from the calendar, henceforth... 


FOR NOW, please send a quick text to : 8188350377 (our valley dive text#) and let us know at the beginning of each week your general plans for attendance are. This is a better start.


We are headed to an automated system, and the Calendar was not the right first step, however, is working now for its purpose, to tell you when where and for which groups, all as a precursor to Sherman Oaks and Simi pool openings in Late April/May. Go to the website and either go to club or for beginners to park/gym buttons to find your calendar.

Coming Soon: We will be using Google Chat for all communications, club groups, club rooms, and coach interaction.  Please download app when you have a moment, onto your device, and we will invite you, as soon as ready.

Re: meets...

We will have two meets the end of May.  They have NOT been confirmed or listed on the website, and the Regional meet is still being decided (consideration this week on whether to move meet from Las Vegas to Mission Viejo), but will be held end of May.

18 MAR 2021

Email Problem is hopefully solved now.  Please let us know of other problems for access you may be having.  Also, know that we would like your input, as we slowly move toward CLUB DIVING in coming weeks.  Our Target Date is 01MAY for a Monthly Pricing for our Club Members.  The Membership Fee (waived this past year) will also be due at that time (For those planning to compete, and for those joining club, this fee covers Insurance, which we have pre-paid for all participants, Club Garments, AAU Membership, Club & Coach Education and Registration Fees, and Other Requirements).    


We should be able to provide you with a heads up on pricing in the coming week (tiered to the number of days your Athlete is participating), and we will also list individual price for individual workouts on Calendar. (should you decide not to participate in Club).  Expect Club Pricing to appear at CLUB DIVING on website.

We provide a FLEXIBLE system for our Club Divers, as many have conflicts that come up, traffic  & work considerations, and School Obligations (family & free time?  what's that :] ).  For those who wish us to suggest exact days and workouts for your Athlete, we will be happy to accommodate a recommended schedule for you, relative to our view of your athlete's needs, and the time of year. Please do not expect weekly correspondence on scheduling, other than Private Lesson requests.  

Speaking of which, you may request private lessons as time moves forward.  We provide this additional service, usually based on 2 Athletes in the water per lesson.  Once pools are reopened, specific information will be available, with primary Pool for Privates at VNSO.

As we look forward to adding pools in May, we will be adjusting schedule to include these

new and closer options.  We will retain our RB and Mission Viejo Workouts, but in a less available fashion.  Expected Times for Simi Valley will be 2x week until School is out, and then 4 x week during summer months 12-1:30p.   For VNSO (home pool, expected availability 6-8 m-f, 2-5 s-su.

Obviously, as we move back more towards a normal (?) schedule, many of you have never participated in a diving program, much less competed.  We will answer all of your questions, and we expect that you will be surprised and content with our program, as it unfolds.  For those who were in a previous program, Valley Dive has a focus on development both physically, but also emotionally and having a positive attitude for approaching competition.  This is why we have included FEAR, causes and remedy, on our website.  If you unclear on this approach, please feel free to contact us at any time.

17 MAR 2021  ** Happy St. Patricks Day **

We are continuing to modify our schedule, so please do check with your group 

Calendar daily, and contact us with questions.

Our first official practice (at Park) last night (overlapping groups Black/Blue) went

well, and we will soon be adding basic warm-up, conditioning, work-out outline to

the information listed on each event (within the Google Calendar) for each practice.

You will also see that general coach assignments have been added as well.

Why are we making changes?  As we approach General Opening of Pools, this

new schedule will better be a able to accommodate all Athletes and their Families.


Attention:  a few people (3) have reported problems with accessing the new

Calendars on the Valley Dive Website.


These are the reported Problems, thus far with accessing Calendars.

-Google Calendar not installed on mobile, not opened on desktop.

     Remedy: Install Google Calendar on Mobile or open Google Calendar First on Desktop

     and then connect / open Valley Dive Calendar.

-Not seeing anything when opening Calendars from Valley Dive 

      The email you are using to open Calendar may be different from the one you gave

      us for Emailing you.  We need the correct email.

-No Google Account and/or email

      You may need to install a Chrome browser, and/or attach the Email we have on

      file, to it.

We are available after practice, to help you with questions and troubleshooting.

Additionally, please let us know if you have any issues with groupings.  While many

of you are already used to the diving world, and the necessity of group progressions, both

for development training and for competitions, for those of you who feel strongly about 

groups, and their purpose for your Athlete(s), rest assured that we will consider any 

additional information that you can give us, and we are happy to explain reasoning

for the placement of your Athlete.

Thank you!








16 MAR




Athletes, Parents, Coaches


We have made a transition to a web-based system for 

Information, news, workouts (via club level calendar).


Try to open calendar after first opening google chrome and opening


For Club Info, Click on Club Diving

There are three Club Level Groups.

For workout access & practices, availability can be viewed

via a color coded Google Calendar on the Club Diving Page (see Groups below)


Please go to for all future daily information.

For daily updates, please click on News at top of page.

Find Appropriate Level for Your Athlete below. Corresponding Calendar






Beck-Carr, Charli

Drake, Miller

Koempel, Jack

Koempel, James

Lobedecis, Arielle

Lobedecis, Fiona

McGinnis, Molly

McGinnis, Riley

Reed, Olivia

Rozell, Savannah

Yanovski, Alina

Zenner, Avana













We have split athletes into levels, for better targeted workouts.

This will improve bonding, and be more age and/or ability oriented,

While providing a better pathway for competition preparation.

If an Athlete or Parent feels that a different Level might be better

For a particular Athlete, we will strive to accommodate siblings and

Specific needs for a particular, however, this is what we imagine as a 

starting point for competition club levels, for structured progress.


We have four daily systems for communications.


NEWS on the website 

GROUP TEXT for your specific group.

GROUP EMAIL for your specific group.

Private Meeting after Class (to schedule a meeting or ask a specific question)


This is a time where the daily phone calls have been phased out, in favor of group

Communication, which normally will answer questions not only for you, but

For other parents in your group as well.


Obviously, this is an abrupt transition, and has occurred in order that we can

Serve our Athletes in a superior fashion.  Summer is coming, competitions are

Coming, and it is better to transition now, rather than in the middle of the


Note: Specific Coaches for Specific tasks is important.  For instance, Bobbie is highly

efficient at Conditioning, Development, and Pool Coaching, Mikaela and Tracy were both competitive gymnasts and high-level divers, (and great pool coaches), Tom is a great development and competition coach with much national experience.  We do have Guest Coaches that will participate in practices from time to time, and these Guest Coaches are all highly qualified.  If you have an additional Specific goal in mind for your Athlete, of if you feel one specific coach is going to help your child progress in a superior fashion, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your concerns.


If you have any additional suggestions, as we make this transition, please feel free

To contact us at



15 MAR, 2021



Each Athlete will be assigned a Group to participate in for Valley Dive Club, allowing for

more specific instruction, according to age and ability.

You will be notified by email by the evening.

Each group now has a Calendar allowing for intended Classes (park/gym/pool).

Open Calendar, locate an event, insert a + before your name (means you want to come)

You will see a green CHECK BOX next to your name, once you have been confirmed.

Today's Park practice cancelled.  Most likely tomorrow Park also cancelled.  YOUR CLUB


and your Calendar.  Daily Park workouts will no longer be available.  as we move forward,

each Club Level will be designed to enhance work-outs, and ready each athlete for competition.


As Covid restrictions ease, our Club focused approach for improvement for athletes means that prices on a per work-out will rise (for the Park and Gym).  However, we have created a monthly option, that retains an affordable Monthly pricing for our Club members. 

Refer to Club Pages for specific information, and to Calendar for Class Information, which should be available later this evening.

Please feel free to Contact Coaches with specific questions via Group Email, or Group Text.  We will no longer accept phone calls or individual texts, other than in urgent situations.  

We are happy to answer questions by Email or Text, and, you may also set-up an appointment to meet with coaches on an appointment basis (soon to be automated), after class.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or suggestions.

TEXT: 8188350377 



12 MAR, 2021

The rain appears to have passed, for the moment, and sunny days ahead for RB diving Tonight, Sat, and Sun.  Bring warm-ups and a jacket, as will be a bit chilly when exiting the pool.  

As we prepare for our exit from the Covid laden past year, it would be a good time to re-visit our website, either on your computer or mobile, as we have begun the transition to a much more visible way to keep updated, and will be resuming our Calendar, (based on your grouping) where you will be interacting in real-time, based on your GROUP, and based on a monthly FEE, not a per practice.  We have already begun a convenient $200 monthly fee for gym and park, based on 13 classes per month.  Our drop-in rate to either gym or park is now $20 per work-out. Please make a note of it. Monthly rate remains a bargain.

POOL FEES remain the same, until such time that RB and MV reduce rates.  Additionally, a new pool has been confirmed to open in Simi Valley in May, so May is our anticipated switch to monthly CLUB FEE re-instatement. Our New Calendar system for reserving space will be operational within the next week, and we will no longer be using the spreadsheet (instead you will simply click a button on the calendar to let us know you are coming. We are hoping to get our automated reminders working as well within the next two weeks.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions 


18 MAR 2021

Email Problem is hopefully solved now.  Please let us know of other problems for access you may be having.  Also, know that we would like your input, as we slowly move toward CLUB DIVING in coming weeks.  Our Target Date is 01MAY for a Monthly Pricing for our Club Members.  The Membership Fee (waived this past year) will also be due at that time (For those planning to compete, and for those joining club, this fee covers Insurance, which we have pre-paid for all participants, Club Garments, AAU Membership, Club & Coach Education and Registration Fees, and Other Requirements).    


Valley Dive

Main Pool Lessons (pool 1)

Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Rec Center

14201 Huston St, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Tel: 8052805969



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