The Beginning




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The Beginning

Free Introductory Lessons

(All Welcome to see if Diving is a Good Sport "Fit" for your Child)

Please Contact us for a Facility and Time Available

Getting to Know Diving

Choose 1 or 2 days a week, and Jump on the Road to Diving Fitness

We offer a Mix and Match Schedule to Fit your Needs

More Frequent Diving

Once diving becomes a "thing" for your Athlete, or if an Athlete is looking to accelerate learning the sport, we may recommend additional days per week.


We recommend that Gym be added to your schedule

to better prepare for more difficult dives.  Without gym or belt training, it is difficult to reach goals of competitive proficiency. 


Elite Diving

Once your family makes a decision to focus on a sport for High School, University Admittance, or International Competitions, you will move into a 4, 5, or 6 day per week schedule for diving, which includes a gym day in the Valley Dive Program.

This next level commitment is a goal oriented program, and both short-term, as well as long-term goal planning will be structured for each athlete.

Please Never feel rushed into this decision, as normally each Athlete will let the Parent(s) know when they are ready for focused training.


Whether in Middle School, looking forward to a participatory sport for High School, or changing sport to diving, the time to start planning for competitive sport is:

The Sooner the Better

We will be happy to guide you in a program that best fits your needs.

Please Never feel rushed into this decision, as normally each Athlete will let the Parent(s) know when they are ready for focused training. Time is precious, however.

Valley Dive will commit to an accelerated program for the athlete transferring in from another sport (Gymnastics, Ballet, Trampoline, Soccer, Track&Field, etc.)


Other than private lessons, and because of the limited nature of the hours available at our partner pools, Masters Diving is not a focus for Valley Dive at this time, however, we will provide pool referrals that will allow the Parent or Masters Diver adequate pool training in a group atmosphere.

Pay options

*Yearly Novice/AAU/USAD membership included, as appropriate for level of diving, and as available.
Important:AAU/USAD/local Meet Fees, Travel Costs, Coach Fees, Excluded.
Policy: No Make-Ups - Holidays/Time-off, Breaks. Pool/Gym as available. Limited insurance for all liability and injury claims is provided by training facility, and/or AAU or USAD blanket policies, as per diver level.  Use of facility specifically waives any/all claims or recourse to individual trainers, lifeguards or coach staff.  Each Diver/Family is responsible for providing their own Health Insurance coverage.
Force Majeur.
All Schedules subject to change, addition, and/or amendment without notice. 
Gym/Pool As Available and subject to change, with notice as provided. 
Suggested Fees and Donations help support this community outtreach program.  All options (below) may be paid with the DONATE Button.
Please choose days and lessons from schedule that fit your member level

Valley Dive

Main Pool Lessons (pool 1)

Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Rec Center

14201 Huston St, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Tel: 8052805969



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