Scheldule 2020

Club Members may mix work out days from schedule, as per Club Level

Workout times include 30min warm-up!

Stretch/Conditioning Begins Promptly at scheduled Workout time, unless otherwise notified. Be on Time.

We require Gym attendance for all Club level athletes. Please pay close attention to gym, as without specific detail gym workout, your water workout will lag. *Exercises that you learn at Gym, can then be repeated on a daily basis at home.  The stronger your core strength, the faster you will advance. 

Additional Pool Fees apply as noted, and required due to individual Pool Insurance requirements for casual users. Elite Pool Fees are pre-paid for all pools except Rose Bowl, who now requires entry payment by athlete at front desk.

Payments: Text Chk, or pay Zelle app, Venmo app or $CASH app (which all take Cards)

As of February 01, 2019, we will no longer accept Paypal, due to new 3.5% fee structure.

Be sure to make payment for UCLA entrance ($20) Via Venmo on the day that the athlete attends.

Our Summer 2020 schedule will be available in February-March 2020, as facility commitments permit.

We will strive to have multiple daily options for athletes during the summer months.


*Pool Availability may be modified by Pools w/little notice. Force Majeure - No Makeup classes available

We will make every effort to notify of changes ASAP

*Some common Causes of Pool Closures: Contamination, Special Events, Cleaning, Maintenance, Mechanical or Structural Issues/Repair, Schedule Change, Program Change, Weather (Lightning).

Valley Dive Club 2020


BEGINNER LESSONS (see if divings for you)

Sunday 1-2pm Palisades Charter HS

HIGH SCHOOL (compete)

In-Season (VNSO) 2xpool         $150 mo

School Year 3x pool                ($290 mo)



Weekly 2X pool, 1x Gym          $270 mo

SILVER CLUB (compete)

Weekly 3Xpool, 1xGym            $325 mo

GOLD CLUB (compete)

Weekly 4X pool, 2x Gym          $365 mo

ELITE CLUB (compete)                         

Weekly 6x pool, 1xTw, 2xGym  $395 mo


1x pool                                    $25 wk


Members                                  $25 day

Non-Members                          $45 day

CLUB (Yearly Registration SEP01)

Insurance/AAU/Equip               $75 yr

Private Lessons                                  $90 hr

(Includes pool entrance)                     $60 1/2 hr

Semi Private per person                     $60hr/45


For Members

Add an extra Water Workout               $25

Add an extra Dryland Workout.              $25

Daily Rate (1 day)                                   $45






Please make payment for the amount of your group option or type.  All monies received help maintain the Valley Dive Community Support for Outreach and Maintenance of this Athletic Program and access to multiple venues.

(All Donations receive a valuable receipt that may be advantageous for tax purposes.)

Payment Methods via App include:


CASH App - $traveldan

Zelle - 8052805969 

Venmo - @Danielo-Rosendahlo

All are "fee-less".  No added fees and very

secure. Venmo is a PayPal Company,

Zelle is a consortium of major banks

(BofA, Wells, Chase, etc)  Valley Dive also

Accepts PayPal for Donations (below),

which charges a fee for transfer..(less attractive).


* HS months for California Feb,Mar,Apr,May

MEET FEES - Are Paid by Family to Event Sponsor (AAU, USADIVING)

COACH MEET FEES per child, per day

(Coach Fee Excludes Coach Hotel/Air, Split Among Participants, Fees Below reflect 1 or 2 coach attending)



                             1        2          1        2           1         2 

1 Athlete           $100   $165    $140  $200     $160   $230   

2 Athletes         $  65   $  95    $  95  $120     $120   $160   

3 Athletes         $  45   $  75    $  80  $100     $100   $140

4+ Athletes       $  35   $  50    $  60  $  80     $  95   $120


          Meet Registration/Fees/Deadlines (etc.) are sole responsibility of Athlete

          Coaches will Advise.  Sign-up EARLY for meets.  Late Fees may Apply.


Valley Dive

Main Pool Lessons (pool 1)

Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Rec Center

14201 Huston St, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Tel: 8052805969



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