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National track

Accelerated training & competition


Athletes who have formed specific goals for diving, and are judged ready for high level national competitions, accelerated mental competitiveness, weight training, focused preparation, and detail training, while willing to follow short-term and long-term goals, will be invited to a small group of Elite Track Athletes, who will train for the express goal of attaining national Tier status, elevated college position for entrance, and international meet participation, while continuing to work with and train at their present club.  This exclusive group will receive custom workouts, be offered elite diving mentors as a cushion to elevated goals, and offered exclusive access to National & International Judges, Athletes, Administrators and clinics, in an effort to provide invaluable experience as a leap-frog effort to reach the Athlete's potential, in a more efficient manner.

You must first Register for your Athlete to participate in Park, Gym, or Pool Clinics. Access to Calendar after Registration.  

Local Clinics

Two Clinic options per week to enhance form and to monitor progress.

Young Man Diving

Assigned mentor to assist with tnecessary regimen and overview to succees.

Travel Clinics

1 or 2 day clinics with specialized goals.


USA & International

Clinics Specialized




Specific Purpose National and International Meets

National track - LEAP 

As athletes progress, occasionally we will invite an athlete move to our elite LEAP program.  This program is focused on fast track to National team and International competitions.  Occasionally international Athletes will participate.

This is an invitation program only, and we maintain very few numbers at this level (generally 4-6), with private lessons usually 2 per athletes per work-out.  This track age range is generally 12-17.  The Athlete Club workouts will be augmented with private training, specialized programming, guest lectures, excursions to specific coaches in the United States, for specific technique workshop, personal oversight by national team leaders, elite diving mentors, access to nationally recognized coaches for zoom critique.  Additional costs may be incurred, due to additional training/meets that are opt-in.  Results are fast-track for National position, National Team.  Specialized national and international training and competitions will be offered, and are opt-in.


  • Diver Remains with current Team/Coach/Club

  • Comprehensive Strategy is discussed for a 1 and 2 year plan

  • Athlete "Team" is discussed, planned and implemented (PT, Psych, Nutritionist, Weights, Routines, etc)

  • Planning and Implementation of time commitment, clinics, coach integration, International Meets, Peaking

  • Weekly schedule for Private integration/pool/gym

  • Weakness vs. Strength chart/forecast

  • Competition Strategies

  • Preparation for Ramping Strategies

  • Guest Coach, Elite Diver, Mentor, Professional assigned to majority of Private Lessons

  • A former or current elite Diver Mentor will be suggested for Athlete. 

  • Academic Solutions Vary

Weekly Training Private Lesson Pool Protocol:


Private Pool (3 athlete max)

Pre-Discussion of Goal for each workout, board focus

Guest Coach or Team member TBD

1st Hour of 2 Hour Workout will include: stretch, side-work, line-ups, basic dives

2nd Hour of 2 Hour Workout will include: problem area identification/remedy (if time, additional work)

 Available Pools (post covid)

Mission Viejo

Rose Bowl

Sherman Oaks


Las Vegas







Private Pool Clinics (pool access included)

$125 2-Hour Based on Minimum 2 (max 4)

$225 2-Hour 1 person

(1-2 per week Gym or Pool Belt work)

(Mentors: $30 20 min Zoom) 


Senior National Meets

International Meets

Yearly Commitment

Multi-Year Goals

Additional Fees: Yearly Club Fee, Yearly Garment Fee for Elite Team

Coach Fee for Meets

Entry Fee for Meets

Travel Expenses for Meets

Additional Expenses May Arise

2021 Expected Meet Offers

USA Regional - Zones - Senior Nationals

Lund, Sweden (October) TBD

Camo, Montreal (December)

2022 Expected Meet Offers

Bergen Open (April) TBD

TBD (May-June) Australia/China TBD

Lund, Sweden (October) TBD

Camo, Montreal (December)