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Covid 19 rules enforced, masks required.



Private Gym


Jumper Parties

Home​, Park & Special Places


Valley Dive will provide expert Coaches, and equipment to help your Party On.

1-HOUR Gym Jump Fun! 


  5 Children $100 (Age: 6 & under)

  5 Children $165 (Age: 12 & under)

    + Child + $10 per


2-HOUR Gym Jump Fun!


  5 Children $150 (Age: 6 & under)

  5 Children $210 (Age: 12 & under)

    + Child + $15 per






How it Works

Coach will arrive 15 min prior to Start

Coach will Set-up.

Coach will begin class at agreed time.

Coach will conclude class, and begin

to break down equipment.

(about 15 minutes)

All scheduled appointments are pre-paid and non-refundable, but may be moved to a different day, with 24 hours notice.

Payments: Venmo Preferred


























or Text Chk, or pay Zelle app, $CASH app (which all take Cards, or debit)

As of February 01, 2019, we will no longer accept Paypal, due to new 3.5% fee structure. 

Additional Pool Fees may apply as noted, due to individual Pool Insurance requirements for casual users.

Our Fall/Winter 2020/21 schedule will be available in September 2020, along with competition dates, as facility commitments permit.

We will strive to have multiple daily options for athletes.


*Pool Availability may be modified by Pools w/little notice. Force Majeure - No Makeup classes available

We will make every effort to notify of changes ASAP

*Some common Causes of Pool Closures: Contamination, Special Events, Cleaning, Maintenance, Mechanical or Structural Issues/Repair, Schedule Change, Program Change, Weather (Lightning).

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