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Resuming Practice

We are still waiting for confirmed start-dates for our pool access, and will post immediately, and notify you all by email as well.  We are expecting no later than July 06, 2020, barring any unforeseen events.

Once a start date has been confirmed for pool resumption, we will resume dryland training two weeks prior to pool re-open.

Individual Pool rules will be posted below: 


RULES for Covid Practice


Upon our return to the pool, we will be following a policy focusing on safet to minimize the chance of contracting or spreading Covid 19 virus:

  • Mandatory Mask arrival & departure

  • Distancing Policy of 6-8 feet

  • No Physical Contact with other Athletes

  • Attention to Rules


These procedures are needed to protect our athletes and athlete families, so be sure to follow individual pool and general government policies, while resuming training. We are implementing the following plan for getting back to our pools, and expect that additional modifications will be made, as things return to a more normal environment.  


Following procedures/New Safety Protocols: 

Parents and athletes will receive updated information regarding mandatory Social Distancing and Diving Practice Rules on this page, as required by pool facilities. Please check back regularly for updates, and we will be notifying parents and athletes as rules are relaxed.












  1. Parents should take the temperature of their athletes prior to each practice and keep them home if they show signs of illness.  If an individual in the student’s household is sick or has been exposed to COVID-19, please notify Coaches immediately. 

  2. Parents will drop off students 5 minutes prior start of their class time at designated area, respecting the 6-foot rule between athletes.  If athletes arrive early, they will be asked to wait in their car with their student.

  3. Please change to your suits/warm-ups/shoes prior to arrival and carry additional items to enable you to enter and walk directly to the diving area, then follow the coaches instructions.  There will be no use of changing rooms or showers at this time.(If an athlete must use the restroom, the athlete will wipe down any surfaces they touch, and wash hands prior to returning to pool).





  1. Coaches will have a designated location on deck.  Athletes will get out of water and stand behind line 6ft. away from coach (as directed) to receive correction.

  2. Coach will assign each athlete a station for the warm-up, and water practice.  Athletes will rotate through different stations at pool, and be instructed on how to swim out of the pool after finishing a dive, which will help to  ensure distance between athletes.

  3. Athletes should plan on bringing a full water bottle (no refills at pool), a yoga mat for warm-up, a towel, and sanitized wipes.  We will not have athletes sharing water bottles, equipment or mats at this time.

  4. Athletes will pay attention to Coach at all times, be respectful of others, and maintain distance from other Athletes.  Pool staff must be respected at all times.

  5. Spectators will not be allowed in the diving area of the pool at this time.





  1. At the beginning and end of each practice group, the diving area and equipment will be wiped down with disinfecting wipes prior to next training group entering.  A gap of minimum 5 minutes between arrival and departure of diving groups will insure proper cleaning of surfaces.

  2. When a group finishes their practice time, they will exit the building by using the assigned door.  Please maintain distance and proceed directly.  

  3. Initially, athletes will be assigned stretching and conditioning at home, during this first phase of return to diving.


Training times: 

We have requested extended training hours to keep small groups in each training session. In this way we can maintain our lessons and team training until the CDC and State relax social distancing guidelines, at which time we can return to normal group numbers. 


Following the rules: 

Athletes MUST follow these guidelines, as set forth by individual pools (which will vary), the CDC, the State of California, and the City of Los Angeles. Parents will be provided with these guidelines and explain details to their athletes prior to diving practice.  We rely on parents to take an active role during this time by discussing these procedures with their athletes and acknowledging these new temporary procedures to coaches (feel free to contact us directly for clarifications or questions). Athletes will be asked to leave practice should pool rules not be followed and respected.  Thank you for your help during this difficult time.

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