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Send a video of your warmup, and we will post online.


Send Links for Books/Movies, to share, we will post online.


See sections at Left, which include a varied group of activities for you to keep yourself busy with.  Focus in on a morning and afternoon workout to your liking.  Preferably 1 hour each.  There is plenty to do, and I do believe that it will be a fun process, if you can join in with a sibling, or watch a video during the workout.   We will set up a group video chat at a convenient time, and please do come up with additions that you think will benefit your diving friends.

Once we have a time frame for pool or gym openings, we will  immediately begin a structured Live workout, two weeks prior to getting back to training as a group via a Daily Group Video Chat. Just accept group when you get an Invitation to join.  Time TBD.  It's free, and used for many schools as online school.

Downtime is a benefit, so use this time to write down short (season) and long-term (2-year) goals, thinking about what you would like to accomplish, and how you feel you can improve.

Come up with new ideas or interesting workout options. Invent a new dive, or a new exercise.

Go to USA Diving and take the Mental Skills test to improve your diving practice and competition routines.  There are many resources provided for your benefit.

This is a great time to enjoy your time, to re-assess your sleep and eating habits, and to improve your positive outlook on all of your school studies and athletics.

Send Links or Video for any Tips you may have.

Send a video of your workout, and we will post online.

Dive Vid

Send a Diving Video you like, and we will post online.

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