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1. Injury

Self-Preservation Rules

We are all afraid of hurting ourselves.  In diving (and other risk sports), this fear is real, and in our faces on every attempt. Coaches can help by providing a step-approach to learning, as well as positive re-inforcement during the practice.


2. Shame

Self-Worth and Integrity at Risk

A most powerful fear that goes to the core of our self-image, Shame (In Diving includes Non-Gain), of peer ridicule, of not managing a simple task.  Shame is an emotion that can affect us in for many years, with a myriad of negative consequences.


3. Anxiety

A Stress Response in Waiting

Anxiety is often anticipation to a fixed situation, and can  the athlete a certain amount of dread, with magnified intensity over moments, weeks years. This conditioned response must be addressed with a strategy prior to the onset of the cycle.


4. Rejection

Parent, Coach, Peer, Self

Meeting expectations is a most formidable obstacle, unfortunately, pounded into a many young athletes by Coaches, Parents, and Peers. However, being rejected for performance is only one area of rejection.  Others include appearance, shyness, attitude, etc. 


5. Failure/Success

Double Sided Coin 

Every athlete experiences breakthrough moments in their athletic career.  The elements of Failure and Success are Barriers to overcome. Failure is more obvious, with the athlete finding a way to break the cycle. Success is insidious, and often-times has additional fear of harder work, fear of loss of time issues.

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