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10 things

to make a judge LIKE YOU


1. Connect

Before you Step on the Board

Judges WANT to like & want you to acknowledge them, connect with them (smile, determination), & show you own your sport. Be smart & clever.


2. Whistle Blows - You're on!

Specifically,  Prior to a Dive

In Position, wait for Whistle, acknowledge Judges, Prepare for Dive, start from an upright, formed position. Now you can begin.

Confident, Controlled & Relaxed


3. Arms make a Nice Line

Position errors multiply problems

Your hands/arms/shoulders are a major factor in trajectory off board, take-off, flight, come-out and ability to enter the water. A faulty Verticle line on approach/hurdle/take-off must be avoided.


4. Legs, legs, legs 

Diving Begins with Leg Power

Coaches are always looking for Athletes that are lite on their feet, and yet strong enough to deliver the goods.  In diving, your explosive Verticle strength, to drive the body upward, will be your legs. 


5. Take-Off, Eyes Rise

Why Not See Where You're Going

If you do a press and take-off with your head down (or back), you will restrict (cancel) the ability of your head to help with your dive.  Simply:Arms Rise, Eyes Rise (head level on press)


6. Eyes Open

You Mean I have to Open Them?

Yes, yes yes!  #1 problem for Beginner and Intermediate divers is lack of open eyes.  Your Coach will help with drills to improve this issue.


7. Grab Ankles on Tuck

Why not get in a Tight Ball?

Some divers don't ever learn to get into a proper tuck, with resultant scores. Suggest going for the ankles(prob grab middle leg) on your dive=faster spin=more time for entry (hopefully!).


8. Come-Out Backs

Toes, Head, Arms

Backs/Gainers think about coming out, high hollow w/ eyes on toes, then head back to look at water, then arms for entry.  


9. Chin Up on Front/Inward

Core and Arms Stay in Position

As you open to spot your entry, control, track chin (eyes) to water, watch hands through the entry with chin up. Ducking your head means ducking your shoulders = "tough luck".


10. Entry

Stretch through the dive

Don't forget, your entry its the last thing a judge sees.  Arms over / behind ears, stretch abs and hyper-extend arms. Your aim is to present as long a line as possible, Eyes to hands thru the water.

10 Things

Act like you're there to perform, since you really are.

All your gym training, warming up, and pool lessons are irrelevant to an athletes ability to perform well.  The performance is 100% mental, as most of the athletes you are competing against, also have been training, and are in shape.  So it comes down to a few items to consider, that will give you a bit of an edge, and, hopefully, put you on a path to compete in an elevated way.

You don't NEED to be an natural performer, you only need to act like one.

Confidence, Stand-Tall, Dare folks to look at you.  Manage yourself first, and focus on task at hand.  Think about succeeding and avoid thinking about fears and things that can go wrong.  Leave the bags of crazy at home, as too heavy for the competition.  Look like you have prepared to win.  Your friends, your coaches, your adversaries, your parents are all to be put aside, as you focus on completing each dive.  No do-overs.

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